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PsittaCulture.EU is an information website run by dr. Jan Sojka and his Nová Exota Magazine for parrot breeders.

Serving parrot breeders in all of Europe and many other parts of the world since 1993, Nová Exota is the publishing company behind thousands of parrot breeding articles, several dozen books on parrot breeding, posters and calendars.

Every few years, Nová Exota is also the organiser of the Exota Parrot Breeding Exhibition in the Czech Republic, with visitors from all over the world.



Our Team

Picture of dr. Jan Sojka,

dr. Jan Sojka,

Publisher & Parrot Breeder

Jan Sojka is the publisher of Nová Exota magazine in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Jan is a breeder of parrots himself, focusing on Australian parrots.





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